Tried, True and Reviewed - AJ Crimson's BB Cream

AJ Crimson's BB Cream was a purchase from this years' NYC Makeup Show. I've been hearing all the hype about BB Creams in general and thought I'd jump on the fast moving train.  I didn't know much about these creams until I did a little research a few months ago.  BB Creams (aka Beauty Balm, aka Blemish Balm) is a multi-faceted product. So picture sheer coverage foundation that primes the face, treats blemishes, offers sun protection and oil control (or moisturizer).

What it is:
AJCRIMSON BB CREAM all the great benefits of a Moisturizer, the prep of Primer and the coverage of a smooth medium coverage foundation! ALL IN ONE! There is NOTHING LIKE IT MADE FOR ALL COMPLEXTIONS!

$39 (I purchased for $15 at the NYC Makeup Show)

No parabens, a little goes a long way, buildable, your skin looks dewy and smooth, lasts all day, brown girl friendly tones (there are only a few shades, but they seem to match most complexions)

The packaging needs work, clumpy consistency, the cream separates in warm weather (all the oil was at the top) and I don't remember what color I am because it's not on the packaging.

Where to buy/find:

Would the BEE buy again:
I would, once the cons are addressed. I like the way my skin looks once the cream is applied.

This is a great product for those with dry skin.  For me, this product would be in heavy rotation in the cooler months when my skin is not that oily. The cream feels a bit heavy for those with oiler skin in the warmer months (as it did for me, recently).